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Morningbird Space Corporation. Leaders In Additive Manufacturing And Materials Engineering


Electronic Alchemy eforge Series 2.3

3D print functional electronic devices and components on demand

Our Partners

NASA and SpaceX

Our Capabilities

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing

    Morningbird Space Corporation are committed to innovation and leadership in the additive manufacturing sector. We have not only introduced new products and materials but we have also worked on improving the process involved, all with the goal of playing a significant role in the evolving landscape of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

  • ESD Promo Image

    Experimental Spacetime Distortion for Spacecraft Propulsion

    Morningbird Space Corporation is a recipient of funding by the National Science Foundation to develop and test a prototype engine by verifying the creation of electromagnetically driven propulsion. Experimental Spacetime Distortion (ESD) is the concept of using an rf energy driven chamber filled with complex materials to distort spacetime and create a new propulsion system for potentially faster-than-light space travel.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Our team of experts has cultivated extensive and versatile expertise in artificial intelligence, enabling us to deliver tailored AI solutions and services that transcend the boundaries of multiple industries. Our deep knowledge and practical experience empower us to harness the full potential of AI technologies, addressing diverse challenges and opportunities across various sectors to drive innovation and create tangible value for our clients.

  • Electromagnetics

    Electromagnetics & RF

    We have developed power amplifier technology, a transformative innovation that delivers substantial advancements in both power gain and power-added efficiency. Our cutting-edge technology empowers a wide range of applications with unprecedented performance enhancements, making it a game-changer in the field of power amplification. This achievement underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological excellence and driving positive impacts across industries that rely on high-performance power amplifiers.

  • Data science and simulation

    Data Science And Simulation

    We offer a comprehensive suite of services in the domains of data science and technical simulation. Leveraging our expertise in these cutting-edge fields, we partner with clients across various industries to harness the power of data-driven insights and advanced simulation techniques. Our services are designed to unlock innovation, optimize decision-making, and drive tangible results, reaffirming our commitment to transforming the way organizations operate and excel in today's data-driven and highly complex environments.

Core Competencies

Morningbird Space Corporation is a leading technology and product solutions provider. We provide our expertise to consumer, commercial, academic, defense, government, and other technological organizations.

Our areas of expertise include:

Additive and Advanced Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

Materials Science and Engineering

Biomedical and Wearable Devices


Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

Electromagnetics, Antennas, and Radio Frequency

Modeling and Simulation

Education and Training (in-person and virtual)

Product Development and Commercialization



Alabama EDPA SBIR Phase 0 Award (03106446-2)

$5,000 - May 5, 2017

NASA STTR Phase 1 (NNX16CM40P)

$124,663 - June 9, 2017

NASA SBIR Phase 3 (80NSSC17P1711)

$15,000 - August 28, 2017

NSF SBIR Phase I contract

$272,800 - September 1, 2023

Technology and Education Consulting

SpaceX - January 2021 to Present

An Additive Manufacturing Technique for the Production of Electronic Circuits

$736,492 - 2016

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